Lafayette, CO

Saturday July 27, 2024 10am-1pm

Connect. EXPLORE. Celebrate. Empower.

Join Us As an Attendee at the Next Steps Neurodiversity Resource Fair!

The Next Steps Neurodiversity Resource Fairs are free in-person community events dedicated to neurodiversity that provide resources and support for individuals of all ages who have autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, and more.

Our resource fairs are held in expansive indoor event spaces, prioritizing comfort, accessibility, and networking opportunities. These indoor venues provide a controlled environment, ensuring all guests can comfortably enjoy the event regardless of weather conditions. With easy access and smooth movement designed for all attendees, including those with specific needs, they facilitate a seamless experience.

Attendees at the Resource Fair will:

Connect with providers, organizations, businesses, and schools passionate about neurodiversity.

Explore resources, services, support, and opportunities in and around your community.

Celebrate the incredible strengths that neurodiverse individuals bring to your community.

Empower yourself and your family with resources and community connections to support your journey.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone is welcome! This event is designed for individuals of all ages, their families, educators, employers, and allies who want to connect and support neurodiverse individuals.

What Resources Will Be Featured?

Diagnosing providers, early intervention providers, mental health providers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, medical providers, educational programs/support, adult support groups, parent/caregiver support groups, home health providers, advocacy support, community connection, social connection support, mentorship, life coaching, life skills training, employment support and more!

Attendee Testimonials

"There was a strong mixture of attendees who were ready to receive info about our services, as well as productive connections with fellow vendors.There were so many different vendors that appealed to all kinds of abilities and age groups. The cosplay characters walking around were so much fun!"

~ Attendee from 2024

"I appreciated that vendors seemed genuinely interested in offering information and not just there for the 'sales.' I thought this event was well-planned and probably one of the most helpful and organized events I've been to! Thank you so much!!"

~ Attendee from 2024

"I had really good conversations with multiple vendors, some recognizing a need different than they were serving and recommending another vendor also represented. Very knowledgeable. The entire event exceeded my expectations. Thanks!"

~ Attendee from 2024

"I felt welcomed by everyone and the amount of support I received was indescribable!"

~ Attendee from 2024

Please use the form below to register to attend. The first 200 registered attendees will receive a reusable shopping bag. REGISTRATION IS FREE!

If you have any questions, please contact us.