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Join Us As a Vendor at the Next Steps Neurodiversity Resource Fair!

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Our in-person resource fairs offer vendors a unique opportunity to establish trust and rapport with potential customers through face-to-face engagement. Direct interactions foster a sense of authenticity and credibility, laying the foundation for meaningful, long-lasting relationships. In our supportive and inclusive environment, vendors can effectively showcase their offerings and build trust with individuals who may benefit from their programs and services.

Vendor Registration

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Our resource fairs take place in spacious indoor event areas, emphasizing comfort, accessibility, and networking opportunities. These indoor spaces offer a controlled environment regardless of weather, ensuring all guests can enjoy the event comfortably. Designed for easy access, they facilitate smooth movement for attendees, including those with specific needs. The layout promotes networking, enhancing the overall experience and fostering meaningful connections among attendees, which is crucial in a neurodiversity-focused fair.

Are you a clinical professional, therapist, mentoring program, coach, consultant, PASA, advocate, advisor, employer, consultant, design firm, healthcare company, transition or therapeutic program, or nonprofit serving neurodiverse individuals? Then, you are invited to join us as a vendor at the Next Steps Neurodiversity Resource Fair!

Vendors at the Resource Fair will:

Connect directly with attendees actively seeking neurodiversity-related resources and services necessary to thrive at every stage of life.

Expand their customer base and business network by participating in the most influential neurodiversity events in Colorado.

Celebrate a diverse audience of neurodiverse individuals, families, educators, employers, and allies seeking valuable resources and services.

Empower attendees to make informed choices about services or products by speaking with them directly.

Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in an event that's making a difference in the lives of neurodiverse individuals across Colorado. Space is limited and expected to sell out quickly, so secure your booth at the Next Steps Neurodiversity Resource Fair today!

Vendor Pricing

Vendor Booth: $315.00

10’ X 10’ booth space with pipe and drape
8’ X 30” Table with Covering
Two chairs

Vendor Testimonials

"This was an incredible event, and I think it was extremely meaningful for the Neurodiversity Community. I was amazed by the turnout from both vendors and attendees"

~ Vendor from 2024

"Very well organized, easy to get in and set-up, sharing resources with and meeting other professionals, variety of options available, fun atmosphere, meeting families and being a part of the community."

~ Vendor from 2024

"We got steady traffic, and many of the people who visited us were people we wanted to connect with. I liked the spaciousness of the venue."

~ Vendor from 2024

"There was a strong mixture of attendees who were ready to receive info about our services, as well as productive connections with fellow vendors."

~ Vendor from 2024